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What You Can Expect:
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  • Accountability.
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Commercial Window Cleaning Specialists

S.D.P.W.P. works hard at establishing a reputation of high quality results on a consistent basis. These are results that our clients, property management companies and building owners have come to expect.

S.D.P.W.P. is a fully insured commercial window cleaning service, we have 2 million general liability, 1 million commercial auto liability and Workman's comp. We serve all of San Diego County; our company is unique in that not only do we provide the absolute best quality service around, but anything related to your building's windows we can create a solution for such as hard water problems, silicate stain removal, construction debris so you can rest assured that we can and will provide you with the highest quality commercial window cleaning service that San Diego has to offer.

Methods We Use To Clean Your Building's Windows:

S.D.P.W.P. uses several methods to clean your building's windows and it depends on what kind of building you have.

For low and mid rise window cleaning: S.D.P.W.P. uses waterfed poles with purified water to clean windows that are 5 stories and below. There are some special cases where a lift will be needed if the glass is in a particularly difficult area to reach.

For all other areas we use the traditional squeegee, soap, brush and ladder.

Our commercial window cleaning services includes the inside and outside of windows, screens, and tracks upon request and will provides professional service for your office/ commercial building at a very affordable price...

Residential Window Cleaning Professionals In San Diego

We're ready to handle the professional window cleaning of your beautiful home. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and our current clientele has come to expect nothing less from our experienced window cleaning technicians.

All Residential Window Cleaning Customers Receive a 7 Day Rain Guarantee! If it rains within 7 days, we will come back out and clean the windows that were touched by rain for FREE!

Cleaning Packages

We have 2 choices for you. Either one comes with your hassle free guarantee.

Basic Package: Your basic window cleaning package includes all exterior windows in the entire home, or just windows that you specify. Many choose this package as a maintenance package for 3 or 4 cleanings during the year after the first cleaning.

Deluxe Package: Economic choice for windows that are not that dirty, this package will get the inside and outside of your windows cleaned, basic screen cleaning.

We will clean any window anywhere in San Diego. No window cleaning job is too big or small for S.D.P.W.P. Be sure to ask about our monthly/quarterly special discounts on commercial and residential window cleaning service.

If you would like to have a consistent service done every month, every quarter, twice per year or even one time a year...your window cleaning needs will be taken care of with a reasonable price. We are committed to bringing you the personal attention, reliability, trustworthiness and quality care you deserve.

So, I want to get my windows cleaned, what next? 

a) Sent us an E-mail and we will contact you to set-up a FREE quote within 24 hours.

b) Call us at (619) 405-7274 for a FREE quote.

Download our brochures here:

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